Storing Hazardous Goods in the NZ Printing Industry.

The printing industry in New Zealand uses a number of products that are classified as Hazardous Goods. Regardless of whether you are involved in Pre-press and have developing chemicals for film or plate making, inks and cleaning solvents for offset and screen-printing, as well as glues and adhesives for the print finishing industry. You cannot avoid having hazardous goods on site while running a printing company. As such proper storage is not only prudent from a common sense perspective but is required by law to meet your workplace health and safety obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2016.

Hazardous goods commonly used in the New Zealand Print Industry include adhesives which often contain solvents and isocyanates, inks and sealers that include chromates and chromic acid, as well as solvents such as acetone, white spirit, ethyl acetate and toluene. Most hazardous goods used in the printing industry will be covered under a group standard. You can see the group standards for hazardous substances here 

For detailed information pertaining to inks 

Correct Storage of Solvents 

Solvents that are deemed to be flammable may be held in a flammable goods storage cabinet that meets AS1940-2004 provided each package doesn’t contain more than 20L of Flammable liquid and the total quantity of all packages does not exceed 250L. It is advisable for most businesses to store the minimum quantity of dangerous goods needed for day to day use.

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Posted: Mon 01 May 2017