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Welcome to All-Round Safety, your one-stop online safety shop. We’ve been helping Kiwis take care of themselves in the workplace since 2010, supplying individuals and businesses with a wide range of safety gear. As a private, 100% New Zealand owned company, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and exceptional customer service. If you’re looking for expert knowledge and quality products, we’re here to help.

Our extensive catalogue caters to a wide range of industries. We’ve helped customers in the mining, oil and gas, construction, steel, food, transport, forestry, emergency, engineering and asbestos removal industries, and the list just keeps on growing. From personal protective equipment like Mack boots to work place apparel such as a hi vis vest, All-Round Safety has it all.

All of our products meet and often exceed the requirements of AS/NZS Australian and New Zealand Standards and/or the European CE and International Standards where applicable, so you can go to work feeling safe and secure. We know some jobs are riskier than others, but we’re determined to lower that risk by providing quality safety gear at affordable prices.

All-Round Safety is a safety shop in Auckland, but we ship nationwide thanks to our connections with suppliers up and down the country. You can expect most orders to be delivered the next day, or between 2-3 days if ordering an indent product. Safety gear dropped to your door fast and without the fuss – easy as.

Our range of Kernmantle rope are manufactured with sewn eyeloop for easy securing and provides high tensile strength and high resistance to abrasion.

Our range of Kernmantle rope are designed and manufactured by keeping in focus to maintain durability and flexibility. It is constructed with the kern (interior core) and protected by a mantle (woven exterior sheath) which enhances and optimizes the strength. The fibre of the core helps in providing the tensile strength of the rope, and at the same time the sheath facilitates the core from abrasion. These ropes are available in different lengths, attachment points and shock absorbers. The following are the options available: Kernmantle Rope - 11mm, Suitable for use with rope grab models 17087 and 17089. 20 metres of 11mm Kernmantle rope with sewn eyeloop for easy securing and RG012 rope grab for automatic fall arrest 30 metres of 12mm Kernmantle rope with sewn eyeloop for easy securing and RG012 rope grab for automatic fall arrest Keep Safe Assembly 50 metre Kernmantle Rope & Rope Grab Guided Fall Arrester on Flexible Anchor Line With Energy Absorb Block - These systems mount easily on a variety of permanent and temporary anchor points to provide a safe line to work from.