Our Height Safety Equipment range comprises of innovative fall protection, anchor and arrest systems which abides all the safety measures, and standards.

Most commercial buildings are not constructed to follow the current height safety regulations. This makes it more strenuous to find a secure and safe anchor for the rope. In such cases you can depend on our All Round Safety Height Safety Equipment range. Our range comprises of innovative fall protection, anchor and arrest systems which meet all the safety standards. These systems ensure safety of all workers operating at height and need safe anchorage points for their lanyards and ropes. This equipment is suitable for fall protection, fall arrest and mobility while working at height. Our range comprises of wide selection of fall protection, and anchors which offers significant advantages in safety. That's why our range is popular among safety engineers and site managers. This equipment has been designed and engineered with precision to meet industry standards and has been rigorously tested. Different Safety Structural Anchor points are available depending on the application, common applications would be on a concrete column, roof, I-beam or rebar stud All our safety structural anchors will ensure:
  • Reduced load on the structure in case of a fall.
  • Every absorbent under stress loading and in cold temperature situations.
  • Complies to NZ safety codes and standards.
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