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Most of our roofing and height safety products are manufactured in QSI's ISO9001 factory and recognized for high quality safety harnesses and lanyards.

Our roofing kits server various different purposes and are available with different options,The following are a few highlights of our product range:

Economy Roofing Kit (including full body harness)

The QSI economy roofing kit is a simple roof kit that is for basic roof work and is anchored on the opposite side of the roof to where the work is done.

Commercial Roofers Kit

The QSI commercial roofing kit is designed for professional tradesmen who need safe, temporary access to roof tops.

Priority Roofing Kit

The QSI Priority Roofing Kit is a practical kit that makes it easier to work on roofs without anchor points. The key is the QSI anchor knot in the middle of the rope, this will not give no matter which way the force is applied.

Construction Height Safety Kit

This kit is designed to provide height safety protection for construction workers. The large anchor sling allows the user to create a safe anchor point from beams and other structural members, and the retractable block allows a wide range of movement without compromising safety.

Scaffold Height Safety Kit

This kit gives you everything you need to work safely at height on industrial scaffolding. The 2m adjustable shock absorbing lanyard clips onto scaffolding tubing quickly and easily, and allows the user to work in restraint. The sling can create a safe anchor point when you are unable to clip onto the scaffolding itself. We also do custom branding on your safety gears as we emphasize on the importance of brand recognition and also assure that the equipments comply with the appropriate safety standards. We have options on both monochrome and full colour options. We also do Block Label where your logo is printed and sealed under the heat shrink plastic of your shock absorbing block.

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