We Remain Open.

Our company supplies safety equipment to many essential services such as food production, frontline emergency service workers, construction workers, and the health sector.
As such it is vital that we continue to operate as best we can be ensuring the necessary product gets to these essential users. We will continue to remain open during the lockdown period. 
There will be no collecting of products as we will courier products directly to our customers to prevent further spreading of the virus.

Hand Sanitiser and Facemasks Height Safety NZ Safety Earmuffs

Burn Kits

Burns and Burn injuries can be some of the most traumatic wounds and it is essential to deal with burns as soon as possible. Having a Help-it Burns first aid kit on hand filled with not only high quality Gel soaked burn dressings and Burn Gel products, but also many of the other standard first aid items essential in a first aid or emergency kit.

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