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Welcome to All-Round Safety, your one-stop online safety shop. We’ve been helping Kiwis take care of themselves in the workplace since 2010, supplying individuals and businesses with a wide range of safety gear. As a private, 100% New Zealand owned company, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices and exceptional customer service. If you’re looking for expert knowledge and quality products, we’re here to help.

Our extensive catalogue caters to a wide range of industries. We’ve helped customers in the mining, oil and gas, construction, steel, food, transport, forestry, emergency, engineering and asbestos removal industries, and the list just keeps on growing. From personal protective equipment like Mack boots to work place apparel such as a hi vis vest, All-Round Safety has it all.

All of our products meet and often exceed the requirements of AS/NZS Australian and New Zealand Standards and/or the European CE and International Standards where applicable, so you can go to work feeling safe and secure. We know some jobs are riskier than others, but we’re determined to lower that risk by providing quality safety gear at affordable prices.

All-Round Safety is a safety shop in Auckland, but we ship nationwide thanks to our connections with suppliers up and down the country. You can expect most orders to be delivered the next day, or between 2-3 days if ordering an indent product. Safety gear dropped to your door fast and without the fuss – easy as.

All Round Safety supplies the heavy duty knee length Safety Gumboots designed with toe protection.

These gumboots are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and serve general purpose needs. These are fit for any workplace environment in New Zealand considering its excellent grip and sole support.

The Comfort Innovations

Foot comfort is directly related to the relief of body fatigue, which in turn impacts productivity. Occupational fatigue is a priority issue in the mining industry, in particular, fatigue owing to walking long distances in gumboots is seen as a common problem. Safety in Mines Research Advisory Council (SIMRAC) commissioned the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) to conduct an anthropometric survey.

Foot Shape

Data from this research resulted in the design of the foot shape to accommodate the wider foot and thereby optimise foot comfort. Foot shape was still compliant within SABS parameters.

Ankle Cup

Ankle cup recesses in the walls of the gumboot to allow the boot to hug around the ankles providing more support and eliminating ankle friction while working.

Ankle Support

Achilles tendon area is reinforced for additional support.

Top Band

The Top band is lower in the calf area than below the knee so that people will not experience impaired blood circulation while kneeling or on their haunches.

Sole Safety

Sole footbed as a built-in foot shape, with wrap around foot walls that provide a snug fit.

The Safety Innovations

Safety is extremely important throughout the mining industry and comfortable, safe footwear can play a big part in reducing fatigue and improving overall safety.

Ankle Protection

Ankle pad is thicker and harder than the surrounding boot to stabilise, protect and support this area of the foot.

Visual Safety

The ankle pad has a patented built-in luminous reflector for visual safety in low light environments.

Sole Design

Extra-deep tread lugs provide excellent grip on all terrain from rocky to steep inclines to wet and muddy conditions.

Toe Safety

Moulded wide-fit toe cap fully compliant with all international standards.

Steel Midsole

Options on this product include moulded steel mid-soles for penetration protection through the tread and are compliant with all international safety standards.

Shin Protection

Reinforced shin area offers protection from low-impact incidents. Oil and acid resistant compounds are used in the manufacture.

The Metaguard

The new Metaguard, manufactured from SABS grade oil and acid resistant PVC compound, is a world 1st in mining footwear safety! Its patented design absorbs impact and helps prevent rolling rock metatarsal and midfoot injuries. The Metaguard is factory fitted to the Stimela gumboot and is guaranteed to last as long as the boot itself. Offers extra protection to the small toe, normally not shielded by the steel toe cap.


Retains the comfort features of a PVC gumboot, even in radical occupational positions. Interior webs absorb impact and help disperse it over the surface of the boot.