Esko Towa Powergrab Plus Glove

Esko Towa Powergrab Plus Glove

Esko Towa Powergrab Plus Glove

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  • Feel the difference with MICROFINISH™ latex coating for outstanding wet and dry handling
  • 10-gauge seamless liner and ergonomic design assure maximum comfort and minimum hand fatigue
  • Extra coating of thumb area for additional safety
  • Sizes 7–11

EN 388:2003 - Result 3242

The standard for certifying protective gloves against mechanical risks. The numbers under the shield represent (L to R) resistance to abrasion, cut (coup test), tear and puncture.

EN 388:2016 - Result 3242X

Updates the EN 388:2008 standard. It continues the previous test’s methods with some alterations including a change to the way the coup cut test is carried out (the second figure giving the coup cut resistance rating may be expressed as 'X' if the glove is not tested under the coup test or if the rolling blade becomes blunt before the test is completed). It adds a fifth letter (A to F, with F being highest) for cut resistance using the sliding blade TDM test and a sixth letter to indicate impact protection, expressed as 'P' for pass. If the glove is not designed to provide impact protection the sixth figure is left out, or sometimes 'F' (fail).

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