Agricultural No Headtop Spray Kit

Agricultural No Headtop Spray Kit
The CleanAIR' PAPR Agricultural Spraying Kit with no mask is ready to pair with your favourite DIN thread full face respirator.
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  • Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) with everything you need to keep yourself safe when spraying most agrichemicals.
  • A PAPR respirator takes the effort out of breathing and allows for longer work times without getting exhausted or over heated.
  • The constant flow of air across the face provides additional protection as the mask is slightly over pressured and the flow of air helps keep the wearer cool.
  • The CleanAIR® Chemical 2F PAPR unit has a full colour display with adjustable fan speed, battery and filter indicators which remove the guesswork around battery charging and filter replacement.
  • Kits contains:
    • CleanAIR® Chemical 2F PAPR unit with easy clean PVC belt
    • Removable Li-ion battery for up to 10 hours options plus charger
    • Pair of A2P3 (organic vapour and particulate) filters suitable for filters most agrichemicals up to 1000ppm. (Note: always check that the filters are appropriate for using with the specific chemicals you are spraying)
    • Two prefilter holders and 20 prefilters to prolong the life of your main filters
    • Heavy duty extended rubber hose with 90° bend to connect PAPR unit to the full-face mask.
    • Packed in CleanAIR® duffel bag for easy storage
  • This kit needs to be paired with a full-face respirator that has a DIN thread connection. We strongly recommend you use the GX02 full face respirator available in small, medium or large.
CleanAIR® Chemical 2F PAPR 1
Decontaminable PVC belt 1
Li-Ion battery and charger 1
A2P3 filters 2
Pre-Filter retainers 2
QuickLOCK Rubber Hose -90° bend to connect PAPR unit 1
CleanAIR® Duffel bag 1

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