AerTEC' OptoMAX Welding Helmet

AerTEC' OptoMAX Welding Helmet

AerTEC' OptoMAX Welding Helmet

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  • Perfect view during welding thanks to world leading ADF technology from Optrel
  • Fully automated shade level adjustment for any welding procedure in the 5-13 range.
  • Natural-colour view in the entire protection range and ultra-HD quality in classes 1/1/1/1.
  • Sensor slide allows you to manually adjust the ADF sensor from 80° to 60° to prevent your ADF sensor from mistakenly reacting to welding processes nearby.
  • External adjustments allow all important function to be at your fingertips including shade level, grind mode and other features
  • Enlarged viewing area 50×100 mm
  • In-built air distribution system delivers the air right into the breathing zone and the highest level of respiratory protection – TH3
  • Compatible with CleanAIR® Basic, CleanAIR® Aergo, and CleanAIR® Chemical 2F and 3F PAPR systems and CleanAIR® Pressure Flow Master Airline system
  • Areas of application:
  • Any electric arc welding process Electrode Welding (Stick Welding, SMAW) / MIG / MAG (GMAW) / GMAW High melting rate process / Flux Cored Wire Welding / TIG welding (GTAW) / Plasma Arc Welding
    • Plasma cutting & Oxy-gas Welding
    • Grinding in Grind Mode.
  • Note: Prohibited for laser welding!
Weight 695g
ADF Dimension 110x90x7 mm
Shade Level DIN 5–13
Open state shade DIN 4
Viewing Area 50×100 mm
Hose Connection QuickLOCK™
Certification EN 379 1/1/1/1, EN 175 B, EN 12941 TH3, EN 14594 3B
Protection Factor (NPF) 500

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