4 Tips for Keeping your Feet Dry and Comfortable in Safety Boots.

  1. Keep your feet dry at all costs. As soon as they get wet they are going to be less comfortable. Damp feet can come from rain or puddles but also sweating inside your boots. If you are working in the summer and the ground is dry then choose the lightest boots with the best breathability. Wet weather boots (even breathable Gore-Tex Boots) don’t breath as well as lighter dry weather boots so make sure you have suitable boots for the season. In winter when the weather is colder and the ground wetter you will want a good pair of waterproof work boots to keep the rain and puddles out. Your feet won’t sweat as much when the weather is cold, but you do still need a boot that can breathe.
  2. Choose quality socks that absorb moisture these can help keep your feet dryer in hot sweaty conditions.
  3. Spray your feet with anti-perspirant before putting your socks on. This can reduce sweating and the associated moisture before it starts.
  4. Take your shoes and socks off during your breaks. (if you are off the worksite.) This allows your feet, socks and boots time to breath and dry out. It reduces foot odour and keeps you comfortable.

Posted: Fri 30 Jun 2017