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THORZT Cooling Vest Blue

THORZT Cooling Vest Blue
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  • THORZT Cooling Vest
  • Cooling apparel is designed to assist with Heat Stress prevention by promoting the body's thermoregulation.
  • Wearing Cooling Vests helps workers maintain the optimal temperature and hydration levels necessary for peak performance and endurance in hot New Zealand temperatures
  • A cooler body also sweats less and less sweating means reduced risks of dehydration
  • Cooler skin contributes to a number of physiological advantages:
    • ​Less cardiac output is directed toward the skin
    • A lower core body temperature
    • Delay the onset of dehydration
  • Complete Workplace Hydration solutions for your team


How Cooling Vests Work: THORZT Sub Zero Cooling Vests contain cooling crystals that can absorb up to 500 times their weight in water. When activated (by submerging in cold water for several minutes) the cooling crystals expand and transform into gel-like substance that can maintain the temperature of the water in which it is submerged for prolonged periods of time.

Cooling vests can be worn during physically demanding work in hot conditions, to cool the body and bring down the core temperature. Many Olympic Athletes ‘Pre-cool’ during competitions by wearing cooling vests for the full the hour before they compete. This ‘pre-cooling’ ensures optimal core temperature and hydration levels necessary for peak performance. Equally cooling vests can be worn ‘post-activity’ to cool the body and help restore the core temperature to cooler more comfortable levels.


How to use your Cooling Vest: The Chilly Vest comes in crystal form and must be activiated. To activate:

  • Soak in water for 15 minutes so cooling crystals swell into gel form (gel pockets should be firm but not bursting). 
  • When removing from water, grab top and bottom of vest and gently twist in opposite directions to remove excess water and hang to dry. Your Cooling Vest is now activated and ready to be worn.
  • Once activated the vest can also be placed in the refrigerator or freezer for extra cooling. Note: Vest must always be activated (in a gel state) before placing in fridge/freezer.


How to use your Cooling Vest: The length of cooling time is subject to outside temperature and body heat considerations. A general guide is as follows:

  • If soaked in ice water/slurry for 5–10 minutes, the THORZT Sub Zero Chilly Vest will stay cold for 30–60 minutes.
  • If frozen for 2 hours or longer the THORZT Sub Zero Chilly Vest will stay cold for up to 2 hours.
  • The longer period the THORZT Sub Zero Chilly Vest is left in freezer, the longer it will stay cold.


If the vest is stiff (frozen) when taken out of freezer, apply a light mist of water from water spray. If the crystal/gel pockets start to dehydrate and become flat soak for 5–10 minutes so that the gel pockets properly swell again. If pockets return to crystal state simply repeat initial soak.


Storage: Whilst in activated (gel) state, the vest must be stored by hanging in a ventilated area. If wishing to store the vest for long periods, allow the vest to completely dehydrate (return it to crystal), then fold and store. To re-activate, simply repeat initial soak.

Cold or Warm machine or hand wash. Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron.

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