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HAZBOX Outdoor IBC/Pallet Storage 1000L

HAZBOX Outdoor IBC/Pallet Storage 1000L
  • HazBox® Outdoor IBC/Pallet Storage is suitable for external storage of Standard 1000L IBCs, Pallet Loads (205L drums) and smaller packages of dangerous goods (i.e. 20, 30 & 50L containers).
  • Due to the internal bund, lightweight and streamline design, HazBox® Outdoor IBC/Pallet Storage are ideal for onsite storage of dangerous goods, including emergency response and segregation of incompatible DG at depots/warehouses. The ability to load the HazBox® Outdoor IBC/Pallet Storage onto a forklift and transport easily, makes it ideal for temporary storage between sites, at project hubs, government facilities etc.
  • Applications:
    • Onsite storage of dangerous goods.
    • Storage of damaged/leaking packages earmarked for disposal or transport.
    • Emergency response.
    • Temporary storage at remote mine sites, project hubs, construction work sites, council depots/facilities.
    • Great alternative to bulky IBC bunds and heavy shipping containers for external storage of dangerous goods.
  • Key Features:
    • High quality materials – steel thickness: roof and walls 2mm; floor 3mm.
    • High level of security with lockable doors – Camlock System.
    • Ventilation: weather louvre annodised vents
    • Middle shelf – 4 & 6 Pallet Stores (additional shelves available)
    • Fully welded bund for spill containment, with drain plugs.
    • Raised floor with pallet rails.
    • Relocatable – able to be moved with a forklift.
    • Lightweight, streamline design
    • Protects valuable DG freight from the elements and damage from other vehicles/machinery.
    • Great alternative to bulky IBC bunds and heavy shipping containers.
    • Painted finish – colour of choice

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